Bamboo Crafts Workshop for College Students

Bamboo Crafts Workshop for College Students

Jhabua Crafts was invited to conduct bamboo training and social entrepreneurship workshop for students of PG College Alirajpur. 3 residential trainees at Shivganga Ashram conducted the workshop.

It is a matter of pride that bamboo craft trainees while still in school are conducting bamboo workshops for college students who are much bigger in age than them.

Training: Trainees understood the nature and physical aspects of bamboo. The trainees at the workshop were divided into 3 teams each led by the 3 artisans. The trainees were introduced to the working tools and each given a set to start working.  The trainees tried making hairpins from the cut bamboo.

Response: The trainees appreciated the wide range of products that were made by the students of residential training like bamboom speaker, lamps, diya, bamboo tray, etc. 

The artisans received praise and support for their purpose to teach bamboo craftsmanship to others in their village as well and eradicate “Majdoori ki Majboori” from the villages of Jhabua.

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